Supporting Baristas and coffee professionals during Covid-19

Baristas and coffee professionals spend their working hours providing hospitality to others, now the coffee industry is providing support during Covid-19.

United Baristas has instigated #BaristaCare, businesses and individuals from across the coffee industry have rallied together to provide support to baristas and coffee professionals during the coronavirus pandemic. 

We’ve started by providing Care Packs to furloughed staff to give you a boost, some encouragement and a supply of groceries and necessities during these uncertain times. We want baristas and coffee professionals to be able to manage the pandemic as best as they can and be ready and feel enthused to return to work as the the lockdown is lifted. 

A variety of companies have committed financial support, others have donated products, and others their time and expertise. We welcome additional contributions from coffee companies to help us to support more of the coffee community. 

If you are a coffee drinker you can also support baristas and coffee professionals. 

  • Make a donation – all proceeds go to Care Packs 
  • Bid on a auction – again all proceeds go to providing Care Packs

The coffee industry is built on a vibrant community, and it is great to see this community come together to support each other in this hour of need. It demonstrates our character and values – and positions us well as we tackle the future and what lies ahead. Let’s all lend a helping hand and do what we can.